How To Get A Media Pass For Our Next Show


Here’s a quick list of what we look for when people reach about getting media passes for our concerts.

One of the most popular questions we get asked after we launch an event is “Can I please get a media pass for this show?” First off, the amount of inquiries we get about this for every show is truly inspiring. It’s great to know there are so many people in the city that are passionate about content creation. It’s going to take creative people like you in order to help rebrand the dull image Ottawa currently has.

We felt it was such an important discussion to bring up because we want to talk about equal opportunities for everyone who asks about getting a pass.

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One of the challenges we’ve faced when it comes to supplying media passes is the amount we are able to give out. If we could get 20 photographers and videographers into the venue without the headlining artist having a problem with it, we probably would. However, that’s not always the best experience for the artist and the people in the crowd when there are a tonne of cameras on stage looking to capture that money shot.

Shot By: @thesilkmade  This is our favourite photo ever taken at one of our shows.

Shot By: @thesilkmade

This is our favourite photo ever taken at one of our shows.

When you’re hitting us up, please let us know:

1. Why do you want a media pass?

  • Are you a fan of the headlining artist?

  • Are you working on your portfolio?

  • Do you aspire to join our Smallworld team one day?

This will give us an idea if you are just looking to get into the event for free or even if you’re clout chasing and asking for a pass just to boost your Insta followers.

2. How do you edit your photos?

  • Why do you choose to edit that way?

  • Is there a particular content producer whose style you admire?

3. Do you work for a media platform or are you an independent creator?

  • Send us your Instagram, tumblr, and website (if applicable).

We’re open to working with everyone and anyone we think is dope at what they do. Experience isn’t necessary by the way, if you want to hit us up about shooting your first show, by all means go for it! But we would still love to know.

Last Few Tips:

  • If we haven’t worked together before, please email us and stay out of the DMs.

  • Your reputation speaks for itself. We only want to work with good people.

  • If you don’t get a pass the first time, keep trying. We’re dead serious when we say we want to work with everyone that’s dope. If you hustle, then you deserve an opportunity.

Last Few Things:

  • If you’ve received a media pass from us before, we’d love to hear your feedback on how your experience was (positive or negative) and how it could have been even better.

  • If it’s a 19+ event, you’re going to have to be 19+ (we know it sucks).

  • Our email is

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Jelani Lewis