Tweed Made Music From The Electrical Currents Of Their Cannabis Plants


Creativity at its finest. These mary jane masterminds at Tweed are really thinking out of the box these days.

Tweed has been one of if not the most popular cannabis brands to emerge during Canada’s Green Rush. Less than an hour away from Ottawa at their Headquarters, they appear to be cooking up some good ideas when it comes to keeping the public engaged and interested in their company. They’ve been pretty restricted in advertising their products due to outrageous marketing regulations enforced by Health Canada on cannabis companies. However, that hasn’t stopped Tweed’s team from coming up with some intriguing and borderline ridiculous content creation.


Recently, we just saw an Instagram Story video from their IG account promoting an article they had on their site. This article stated that one could; “...ACTUALLY record the changes of electrical currents flowing through a (cannabis) plant and then convert them into musical notes.”

They claim to have recorded the electrical data from their plants and convert that into MIDI files. They then took the MIDI files and converted them into 3 different sounds...

Really Tweed?

We were skeptical about wasting any time to determine if this is true, but let’s be real here. An article about music AND pot. Obviously we had to check it out.

We were not disappointed. Watch their video below and then head to their site to hear full songs created from the sounds of their ganja plants.


Jelani Lewis