4 Spots To Cop Urban Streetwear In Ottawa


Words: John Perez @jjperez.pdf

The Ottawa streetwear community is on the rise. People are showing their creativity and their contributions to the culture through the construction of their everyday outfits. Respectable brands are being showcased throughout the city and it is all thanks to these specific retailers who provide the sauce that people prayed would sell in the Capital City.


High End Urban Fashion - LESSONS

380, Elgin St, Ottawa

LESSONS is Ottawa’s home for luxurious brands that cater to the more high-end consumer. Quality and brand recognition are part of the shop’s identity, primarily selling garments with more expensive fabrics and more well-known designers who are recognized in the fashion industry. This include Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh and many other designers who are famous for their craft. Seasonal collections show the versatility of styles depending on the time of year, and what would look best depending on the weather.

Tip: Expect to spend more than $100 on a single piece of clothing, owning high end urban fashion comes with a pretty penny.


Trendy Urban Fashion - NRML

184 Rideau St, Ottawa

NRML provides the fire for commercialized urban streetwear. Here, you can find all the popular brands that are praised through social media and through what is seen on televison. NRML is also one of the only shops that organize exclusive sneaker releases in Ottawa. Major drops like the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1 made an appearance in the store only selling a limited amount to those who waited in line. Brands including Fred Perry, Stussy, and Nike are the forefront of what you can find at this particular shop. The range of selection is huge for sneakers along with every other piece of clothing. Do not forget about their sale section that has heat for a very reasonable price.


Local Urban Fashion- Zargara

179 George St, Ottawa (Recently closed, still available online. View products here)

Zargara is Ottawa’s local streetwear brand. Led by Amir Zargara, this medium of fashion showcases his art through a variety of different clothing styles. The dark, ominous vibe portrayed through his collections demonstrate a mix of trendiness and creativity that is incomparable in the city. He also has an accompanying brand entitled Babes & Gents that display your favourite artists on a piece of clothing or slapped on a poster. The photography, the lay out of his shows and the overall reputation of the brand showcase how Amir Zargara is a pioneer in the Urban Streetwear industry for the city. Famous artists like Killy, YBN Nahmir, and A Boogie wit a Hoodie were all seen in this particular brand that their respective concerts.


Consign Urban Fashion- Unavailshop

728 Bank St, Ottawa

Unavailshop is Ottawa’s first consignment marketplace. The shop provides a certain type of convenience to those who cannot get their hands on impossible streetwear drops. Customers also have the opportunity to sell their clothing in exchange for cash if the store approves of the pieces. Brands available at this shop include Bape, Supreme, Palace and Yeezy. Tip: Most of the items are at resell value, so do not be surprised when items seem overpriced.

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