What Ottawa Nightlife Is Missing


Words: John Perez @jjperez.pdf

After being in Ottawa for a fair share of years, I’ve definitely had my experience with the city’s night life. Every night is completely up in the air, it can either go very well, or horribly wrong. Another thing to consider is that we never really know what to expect out of these  clubs/bars, BUT there is one thing that I constantly notice which alters the entire experience. 

The primary and probably most important factor is MUSIC. Most places play trash, outdated songs that do not ignite the energy in the crowd, making for a horrible night. After every song, people are waiting to see if the next one is going to be a banger, and to nobody’s surprise it’s trash again. Even when songs are good, the transition will be extremely poor, killing the entire vibe. Note to DJ’s in Ottawa, study the tempo of the crowd and choose your songs accordingly. Play what the people want, and I can guarantee you will have them coming back every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely DJ’s who know what they are doing, but for the most part, dictating the energy, and riding with it is extremely key if you want your audience to get lit. 

Teo Nio & Shaq France

Teo Nio & Shaq France

Let’s take into consideration, Shaq France. When he spins at his “No Service” events at Common, he knows what his demographic wants, and he caters to their taste in music. Playing hip-hop bangers that keeps the energy of the crowd up until the end of the night is exactly what people are expecting out of this guy, and he always delivers, which is why when his name is mentioned, people always want to be there. 

Another notable mention is Chanksdaddy, making his own wave with the events he hosts. He cultivates hip-hop bangers with local talent, truly exposing the culture and what it has to offer here in the city. Flipping the script and hosting day parties’ changes everything too, he’s completely taking advantage of the summer heat and creating a culture of his own. His versatility and transitions make him a great DJ in Ottawa. 



A final mention to the guys over at FFA, particularly Fids who has been leaving his mark at every venue he spins at. This gentleman is skilled in knowing the energy of the building and playing music that caters to the audience. If he notices people are vibing too early 2000’s throwbacks, he’ll keep that energy, if he sees people are dancing to current hip-hop tracks, he’ll flow with that. 

These particular individuals are doing it right in the city and are impacting the scene in a very positive way. Having these guys dictating the energy means for a good night out. This is what the city needs more of, and if more people can be influenced by these DJ’s then Ottawa will be up next, guaranteed.

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