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Photo: @silkmade

Photo: @silkmade

 Smallworld Ottawa started as a media platform in 2015, dedicated to highlighting creative and artistic endeavours in the nation’s capital. Producing original videos, interviews, blog articles, and sponsorships, Smallworld quickly became recognized as a go-to source for supporting, discovering and following Ottawa’s music and art scene. 

Smallworld LIVE was founded in November 2016 when the opportunity arose to host Ottawa hip hop sensation Night Lovell’s hometown show on his 1855 Tour. From there, Smallworld was destined for much more than a website. Over the course of the following year, Smallworld LIVE produced shows for rising music stars Roy Woods, CMDWN, FKi 1st, and OZZIE and developed a concert brand under the name No Gravity. Smallworld LIVE partnered with Diamond Mine Agency in March 2018 to host Toronto hip hop talent Killy on his sold out Canada wide tour.

Today, Smallworld LIVE continues to give the people of Ottawa the events they deserve.


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Job Title: Music Influencer           

Division: Marketing & Sales

Employment Type:  Contract (Part Time)                                                         

About Smallworld LIVE

Smallworld LIVE is an Ottawa-based live music event company that has been creating unique and engaging experiences since 2016. Smallworld LIVE has hosted a number of well-known artists in the Nation's Capital, including Roy Woods, Night Lovell and Jazz Cartier to name a few. Our goal is simple; we want to provide the people of Ottawa with the premium live music experiences they deserve.

Position Summary

The Music Influencer position is an opportunity for high school students to develop experience in the business field while sharing their passion for music and live events. The Music Influencer will be responsible for connecting the high school population of Ottawa with Smallworld LIVE’s events and operations. The Music Influencer will carry out this responsibility by actively promoting Smallworld LIVE’s events through their personal networks (i.e. social media accounts and friend circles) and selling tickets. Ultimately, the Music Influencer will work with and report to the Chief Business Development Officer to ensure the effective sale of Smallworld LIVE’s event tickets.

Position Responsibilities

Some of the essential duties for the Music Influencer include:

  • Selling tickets to Smallworld LIVE’s event, both in-person (physical ticket) and online (affiliate ticketing link)

  • Making posts on social media about upcoming Smallworld LIVE events (most notably Facebook and Instagram) and interacting with Smallworld LIVE’s online content (through likes, shares and comments)

  • Maintain a positive image of Smallworld LIVE within the community by conducting yourself in an orderly manner at all times

  • Build a solid reputation and hype around the Smallworld LIVE brand within the High School community

  • Managing small amounts of cash when completing in-person sales and returning the funds back to Smallworld LIVE in a timely and trustworthy manner


Communication: Oral and written communication skills will be required when pitching events, listening to customer feedback and offering information about the event/company

Interpersonal: Being a friendly, positive and charismatic individual who is always willing to actively listen and accept customer decisions (whether good or bad)

Persuasion Skills: Being able to persuade and influence customers to purchase products and/or services provided by SmallWorldLive Inc.

Social Perceptiveness: Being aware and foresightful of people’s wants and desires.

Music Knowledge: Is up to date with current music trends, artists, and culture.

If you are interested in this role:

  • Send your resume along with;

  • A brief description of the best concert you’ve ever been to and why it was your favourite to